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  KLAVUU! Coming Soon To StyleKorean
  Người viết : Stylekorean     Ngày : 2018-04-19 17:12:52     Xem : 2718    

★ KLAVUU! Coming Soon To StyleKorean ★



"True beauty starts with clear inner beauty" says KLAVUU, the brand that infuses the strength and nourishment of the ocean; pearls. 




Thanks to it's rich nutrition content and high anti-oxidant concentration, pearl extracts have been use in both traditional medicine and beauty for centuries! Using it will provide the following benefits:


☆ Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

☆ Protects against external stressors and elements that includes the sun

☆ Prevents the formation of dark skin and freckles

☆ Rejuvenates the skin and increases its elasticity

☆ Promotes cellular regeneration to combat the onset of acne

☆ Infuses hydration to the skin

Provides a youthful glow




 Pearls are thus the epitome of timeless beauty




KLAVUU! Coming soon to StyleKorean!



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7 comments's comment 2 Recommend

So excited for the pearl mask! ❤️'s comment

mah...@gmail. 2 Recommend

niceee... would like to try. The packaging is cute , I loove that colour!'s comment 1 Recommend

yay!!!'s comment 2 Recommend

really exited with this brand's comment

lar...@hotm 1 Recommend

Sound great! Waiting for the opportunity to try this product :)'s comment

the...@gmail. 1 Recommend

Super excited for this :D I've heard nothing but good things about this so would love to try it's comment 0 Recommend

Pearl extracts. WIN!