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US Wholesale
The Best K-Beauty Curator and Consultant

SiliconTwo is proud to be the leading Korean beauty curator and distributor in the US. With big data that we accumulate through our successful online mall ( and other distribution channels, we are able to curate and provide the most efficient customized K-beauty portfolio.

We Hold a Large Volume of US Inventory
  • - Over 120 brands with 11,788 SKUs available at HQ
  • - Over 70 brands with 1,000 SKUs in our California and New Jersey warehouses

Who We Support for K-Beauty Business
  • 1) Customers who are currently in the cosmetics business and looking to add K-Beauty to their portfolio
  • 2) Customers who are already in the K-Beauty business and seeking to improve their portfolio
  • 3) Customers with no business or background in cosmetics but are aspiring to start a K-Beauty business

We’re already supporting many shops, retailers, and start-ups and we’d love to support you too! Click here to K-beauty with us!


CA office / warehouse : 17320 Marquardt Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703
NJ office / warehouse: 280 North Midland Ave, Building N, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

Sales Contact

California Office
Brand Curator / Sales Manager; Sharon Lee
Phone: 562-229-9777

New Jersey Office
Brand Curator / Sales Manager; Jeanie Kang
Phone: 201-773-0880