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  Review: Benton Aloe Line
  Người viết : Stylekorean     Ngày : 2018-09-10 10:43:09     Xem : 1507    
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Review: Benton Aloe Line


Hello friends!


A few weeks ago I got chosen by StyleKorean to review Benton’s Aloe Line! If you’ve been following my instagram you might have already seen a few posts where I featured the aloe BHA toner and the Aloe propolis gel. So I’ve used these up for a while now and I think I have a more settled opinion on these already.








The main ingredients of this toner include Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water,  Aloe Barbadensis Leaf  Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, BHA(0.5%), Snail Secretion Filtrate, Hyaluronic Acid and Beta-Glucan. This toner is slightly acidic and is supposed to be gentle enough for daily use.



-Skin trouble care

-Moisture supply

-Dead skin cell and blackhead care

-Skin Texture control

-Pore care

-Skin barrier improvement

-Skin damage prevention

-Anti-Acne (FDA OTC 0.5% Salicylic Acid) 


This list of benefits look quite impressive so I had a high expectation from this toner! 



I like how this is unscented and simply hydrates my skin. It’s neither too thick nor is it watery. I’d compare the viscosity to that of Tiam’s Vita B5 toner which I love. I initially used this when I had the start of my worst hormonal breakout that lasted for about 4-5 months (March-July.) I used this toner along with the Aloe Propolis Gel and I noticed that this really helped in calming down inflammation. 


This toner didn’t really contribute in preventing the growth of my huge cystic acne, not that I expected it to, but I’m glad this was very helpful in soothing my skin during those times. It provided just the right amount of hydration. It contains just a low percentage of BHA but my skin can handle BHA pretty well so I had no problems with this. I didn’t notice any changes with my pores and skin texture, but I think it did improve my skin barrier that was suffering from over-exfoliation from a set of PR products I got in February haha.


This toner does not leave a sticky residue but it takes quite a while to absorb completely into my skin. I prefer using this as a daytime toner, I just feel like it performs best with a routine with fewer layers. The price of Benton products is actually just at the right range for me, I don’t consider them super affordable but they’re not that expensive too! 


Overall I really like this, I recommend this and I’d repurchase it but StyleKorean gave me a back-up so thank you for this! 


Rating: 4/5 









This product contains Aloe Vera, Polysaccharides and Propolis extract which are well known for its soothing properties. This soothing gel is supposed to leave our skin refreshed and hydrated.



-Ultra Hydrating and Soothing

-Skin Damage and Skin Troubles Care

-Balancing Moisture and Oiliness

-Skin Protectant (FDA OTC Allantoin 0.5%)



I have always preferred gel moisturizers to creams. Same with the BHA toner, I enjoyed how soothing and calming this was. I brought this to Europe with me but I should’ve known better that gel moisturizers will never be enough in such a cold and dry environment. This is such a blessing, however, for the hot and humid Philippine climate as this is super lightweight but moisturizes pretty well. People with oily skin would definitely enjoy this. People with dry skin would probably need to layer this with another moisturizer. 


There was a time that I was using this both during the AM and PM but just like the Aloe BHA toner, I’ve been using this more on my AM routine recently. I love it as a daytime moisturizer because sinks into my skin better than the toner and it isn’t sticky too. I haven’t really noticed if it helps me produce less oil but I’m sure it doesn’t make me more oily. I have also tried using this to spot treat, I reapply this on a specific spot every 2-3 hours and sometimes it works! 


I love this gel! I recommend this especially for those with oily and acne-prone skin. Would also definitely repurchase.


Rating: 5/5













This is Benton’s latest addition to the Aloe line, they claim that the mask is all soothing, hydrating, nourishing, cooling, and revitalizing all at the same time. This mask pack is supposed to “make your skin clear with rich hydration.” The mask essence is packed with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf water and Camellia Sinensis Leaf water, it is also fragrance free and alcohol free. The mask material is made of a thin tencel sheet.







This is specifically made for those with red/heated skin, dry, irritated, or dull skin. 



As always, I put this mask inside the refrigerator before using it because I feel relaxed when putting on cold masks on my face haha! I was surprised to see how thin the sheet is, I’ve noticed that Korean sheet masks most of the time have an awkward fit and the mask material is thicker than the Taiwanese sheet masks I love, but it isn’t the case with this one. I like how fits and adheres, it doesn’t slide down my face, but the extra essences were dripping down to my neck for the first few minutes. 


I left it on for 20 minutes and it still hasn’t dried out. There was a lot of essence left inside the pouch so I also put some on my tattoos and dry patches on my body. Benton also recommends to use another moisturizer after the mask to keep the moisture and nourishment provided by the mask longer, I used the Aloe Propolis Gel right after I used this mask pack. I have only used this twice, but unfortunately I don’t see a lot of difference with the benefits I already get from the gel and toner. I tried toner masking with cotton pads and the BHA Toner and used the Aloe Propolis Gel afterwards; I still got pretty much the same results.


This is still worth the try though! I love the mask material, it’s different than the usual Korean sheet masks I’ve tried. I have 2 more of these masks and I’m not sure yet if I would want to repurchase just because I have quite a lot more masks to finish.


Rating: 3.5/5

Have you guys tried anything from Benton’s Aloe line? How did you like them?
















A big thank you to our reviewer Snailycat! Read more of her reviews here:






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