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  Battle Of The Cica Products: Dr. Jart Cicapair Cream Vs. Rovectin’s Cica Care Balm
  Người viết : Stylekorean     Ngày : 2018-09-18 14:03:50     Xem : 5145    
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Battle Of The Cica Products: Dr. Jart Cicapair Cream Vs. Rovectin’s Cica Care Balm




It’s a battle of Cica products - Rovectin’s Cica Care Balm Vs. Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Cream.

This review will be carried out by your favorite (#notreally) Beauty Editors Stella C. (dry skin) and Stella S (oily / acne prone skin).

Their votes will be based on the following categories

※ Affordability

※ Key Characteristics

※ Texture

※ Effectiveness

So let’s get right to it! 







- Madecassoide: Promotes regeneration, great for healing scars. Raw material derived from a highly concentrated powder as opposed to a liquid extract. Allows for greater effectiveness

- Trade Marked Barrier Repair Complex: Mimics skin lipids to enhance the skin’s barrier for a healthier, youthful complexion

- Hypoallergenic, paraben free, fragrance free, colorant free and mineral oil free


- Centella Asiatica: A highly sought after medicinal component used to treat and heal inflammation, redness and acne

- Houttuynia Cordata: Helps detox the skin, heal acne, eczema and psoriasis to leave your complexion clear and healthy

- Formulated With Nolsome Capsules: Features a double layer structure that improves the penetration of ingredients

- Free of artificial fragrances, colorants, denatured alcohol, sulfates, mineral oils and other harmful ingredients





Stella C.: My main concern is dry, dehydrated skin. So it’s not enough to simply infuse moisture, I need something to create a barrier that prevents trans epidermal water loss (in simpler terms, loss of hydration via evaporation). So based on the main characteristics, I like the sound of Rovectin’s Cica Care Balm and its Barrier Repair Complex!


Stella S.: Houttuynia Cordata is my holy grail ingredient! I’ve suffered from acne my entire life so if someone says something is good at preventing break outs, I’ve tried it. But nothing has worked as well as this particular ingredient! Dr. Jart Cicapair Cream FTW!



Our results were based on these 3 categories:
※ Weight
※ Stickiness
※ Absorption



Rovectin Cica Care Balm:
Thanks to its name, we expected a thick, heavy balm but instead we found the cream to be light and refreshing. What’s more, it absorbed incredibly well without any tackiness or excess oil. Perfect for all skin types and seasons.


Dr. Jart Cicapair Cream:
This too came as a surprise. Unlike its name, the texture of this product was a lot like a balm – thick and heavy with a strong herbal fragrance. It was also on the oilier side and took a while to absorb. You might want to skip this particular item during the warmer seasons or if you have oily skin?



Stella C.: I was pleasantly surprised by Rovectin’s Cica Care Balm! Despite its light application, my skin didn’t feel tight nor did I develop dry patches throughout the day. 

Stella S.: Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Cream was a little too heavy and oily for me.  It was also a little finicky to use. It doesn't layer well with other products so you need to keep your skincare routine to the bare minimum. I also recommend that you use the heat from your hands to ensure it absorbs well. If not, the cream just sits on top of your skin. Imma go with Rovectin on this one!



We’ve been testing these products for the past two months – one month dedicated to each product and these are our final thoughts!


Stella C.: I don’t have acne prone skin so I can’t say whether it helps with break outs or not. But in terms of texture and how it makes my skin feel – smooth and hydrated – I prefer Rovectin’s Cica Care Balm. Dr Jart’s Cream feels too oily and leaves a greasy sheen. Maybe it would be better for winter? I'll let you know!


Stella S.: I expected a lot from Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Cream as it has a lot of amazing reviews! But it doesn’t work for me! I broke out after using it – it’s just too heavy and oily for my skin; I prefer Rovectin’s Cica Care Balm. It feels great and helped calm down the break outs caused by Dr. Jart. 


And that's it! For a summary of everything we mentioned above take a look at the table below:


What do you think? Have you tried these? If so leave us a comment below.



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ros...@gmail.c 0 Recommend

I totally agree! The Rovectin is my holy grail Cica balm. It's amazing for my oily, sensitive skin. I will definitely repurchase the Rovectin one even though I've never tried the Dr Jart version. But having oily skin & summer coming up in Australia, I'd stick to Rovectin which is lighter & absorbs nicely.