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  Review: Huxley Mask; Oil & Extract
  Người viết : Stylekorean     Ngày : 2017-05-30 16:10:06     Xem : 13180    
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Review: Huxley Mask; Oil & Extract


Huxley is the skincare brand that’s been on everyone’s lips lately. It’s chic, minimalistic design and luxurious ambiance make it a must-have for many beauty gurus. But that’s not all! It’s won a slew of awards, pushing aside other beauty giants, to demonstrate that it’s not just another PR stunt with pretty packaging – the skincare items themselves are impressive!




So! Huxley has just released their very first mask sheet – The Mask; Oil and Extract. So today, let’s review this beauty!




This particular mask sheet contains a mixture of two main ingredients:

1. Prickly Pear Seed Oil, otherwise known as ‘The Secret Of The Sahara’ to provide a strong anti-oxidant and moisturizing effect

2. Cactus Water to infuse your skin with a wealth of hydration




The Unboxing

Each box contains 3 mask sheets which are unique in design. That is, the packet contains 2 compartments, the first houses the sheet and the second holds the oil.



The Review

To use, you need to roll up the section holding the oil then press down firmly on the edges of the pocket until it pops. This will release the oil into the mask sheet compartment. This part was surprisingly hard to do! But sturdy is good right? It’s leakage proof!




As promised the mask sheet itself was incredibly smooth and silky to touch. It also adhered far better than other products I’ve tried which is great news! After all, the better it binds, the more likely the nutrients will infuse into your skin (and I don't want to waste any)!







After 20 mins, I chose to remove the mask sheet and lightly wash off the excess residue (this is optional, you can simply pat in the remaining essence/oil if you want). I then finished off with Huxley’s other new releases, the Essence; Brightly Ever After and Cream; Glow Awakening (review coming soon)!



Despite the oil, the mask sheet didn’t have a greasy finish. In fact, it absorbed well into the skin and left me feeling refreshed and hydrated.



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