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Shipping And Delivery
Shipping General

All parcels from StyleKorean are shipped from Korea.
Shipping cost is calculated from Korea to the destination country.
Every order is normally shipped out within 72 hours from the time of receiving the order.
If a shipping delay occurs, we inform customers of the issue within 72 hours.
We are unable to ship to the following address: P.O. Box, APO, FPO, DPO.

Shipping method and Delivery

StyleKorean does not include the price of shipping in each product's price. This provides price transparency for customers. Shipping cost is calculated by weight and differs depending on the shipping method and destination country.

Shipping Method Korea Post Pantos(USPS) RINCOS DHL (Express) EMS (Express)
Delivery Time
(Business Days)
10 ~ 35 7 ~ 14 7 ~ 14 3 ~ 7 3 ~ 7
Tracking number Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided
Tracking Service
Weight Limited
( Applied
Gross Weight)
100 g ~ 2 Kg 100 g ~ 2 Kg 100 g ~ 30 Kg 100 g ~ 30 Kg 100 g ~ 30 Kg
Destination Country Almost Every
U.S Indonesia,
Malaysia, Thailand
Almost Every
Almost Every


* Business Days are Monday to Friday, excluding Korean National Holidays.
* If Gross weight (products + packing) is over 2 kg, our system shows only displays DHL or EMS as shipping methods.
* If you do not want express shipping, you can create two separate orders (less than 2 kg each). We will ship out two separate order parcels.

Free Shipping

Free shipping to the U.S. is available when the total order value is at least $70 and total shipping weight is less than 4.4 lbs.
Free shipping to Australia is available when the total order value is at least $80 and total shipping weight is less than 4.4 lbs.
Temporary free shipping events are often run for other countries, so please visit our homepage to see advertised free shipping events.

Parcel Tracking

When order parcels are shipped, we email tracking numbers to customers.
The email contains both order details and shipment tracking numbers.

Shipping Rates

Please select your country from the dropdown to see exact shipping costs.

Select Country    USD/KRW 1070 (updated July 17. 2015)


* Final package weight includes protective wrapping and box. The shipping system automatically calculates the total product and package weight at checkout.
* Customers can choose shipping method based on destination country.

Ship To Countries
America Asia Oceania Europe Africa
American Samoa Afghanistan Australia Albania Algeria
Argentina Angola Marshall Islands Andorra Cameroon
Bahamas armenia Micronesia, Federated States of Anguilla Central African Republic
Bolivia Aruba New Caledonia Austria Congo
Brazil Azerbaijan New Zealand Bosnia and Herzegovina Congo, The Democratic Republic of
Canada Bahrain Bulgaria Djibouti
Costa Rica Bangladesh Croatia Egypt
Cuba Belarus Cyprus Eritrea
Dominica Belgium Czech Republic Ethiopia
Bermuda Denmark Gabon
Dominican Republic Bhutan Estonia Ghana
Ecuador Brunei Finland Kenya
El Salvador Cambodia France Liberia
Grenada Colombia Germany Madagascar
Guatemala East Timor Gibraltar Malawi
Honduras Georgia Great Britain Morocco
Jamaica Guam Greece Mozambique
Mexico India Greenland Nigeria
Nicaragua Indonesia Guadeloupe Rwanda
Panama Iran Hungary Senegal
Paraguay Iraq Iceland South Africa
Israel Ireland South Sudan
Puerto Rico Jordan Sudan
Trinidad and Tobago Kazakhstan Kosovo Tanzania, United Republic of
Tunisia Kuwait Latvia Togo
United States(Hawaii) Kyrgyzstan Lithuania Uganda
Uruguay Laos Luxembourg Zambia
Venezuela Lebanon Macedonia Zimbabwe
Virgin Islands (U.S.) Libya Malta
Malaysia Monaco
Maldives Montenegro
Mongolia Netherlands
Myanmar Norway
Nepal Poland
Oman Portugal
Pakistan Romania
Philippines Serbia
Qatar Slovakia
Russian Federation Slovenia
Saudi Arabia Spain
Singapore Sweden
Sri Lanka Switzerland
United Arab Emirates
List more countries Wrap List

Order Value Limit

Due to regulatory customs issues, which can cause extensive delays, StyleKorean limits order to $200 or less (excluding cost of shipping).
Customers who wish to purchase more than $200, we recommend you place two separate orders to avoid customs issues.

Delivery Failure

1. Missing

If a parcel does not reach a customer within 45 Days of shipping, we regard it as missing.
In these cases, we can re-send a new parcel or process a customer refund.

2. Unclaimed Return

If a parcel is returned to Stylekorean because it was unclaimed, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.
StyleKorean is not responsible for unclaimed parcels.