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[double dare] I.M.BUDDY Face #Pastel Pink + [Banila Co.] Clean it ZERO cleansing balm original

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print this [double dare] I.M.BUDDY Face #Pastel Pink + [Banila Co.] Clean it ZERO cleansing balm original

[double dare] I.M.BUDDY Face #Pastel Pink + [Banila Co.] Clean it ZERO cleansing balm original

Tổng Kết Sản Phẩm
Giá Gốc 958.000 ₫ ( Tiết kiệm 383.000 ₫ )

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Thương hiệu : Double dare (OMG)
Mã : DD07-FPPsetE
Khối Lượng : 337g (0.74 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [double dare] I.M.BUDDY Face #Pastel Pink + [Banila Co.] Clean it ZERO cleansing balm original! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including MỸ PHẨM, DƯỠNG DA, Set Quà Tặng Đặc Biệt. Hydra Set Quà Tặng Đặc Biệt online.
Big Brand S.A.L.E
Nature Republic, Dr. Jart+, Heimish, etc....
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Sản Phẩm Thường Được Mua Cùng Nhau
01 [double dare] I.M.BUDDY Face #Pastel Pink

I.M. Buddy Face is a new effective, eco-friendly cleansing tool without electric nor batteries. Ergonomically angled bristles will gently cleanse and exfoliate the face. The perfectly sized brush head is gentle enough to use on the sensitive skin daily without irritations. Dual sided brushes will not only lifts impurities but perfectly exfoliate removing dead skin cells to rejuvenate skin with healthy glow.

● I.M. Buddy Face will deep cleanse and promote firm and supple skin for more youthful appearance.
● I.M. Buddy Face works great with Oil to Jet Foam Cleanser, Honey Milk Drop Face Wash, Age Freeze Gel and Veil Mask.
● With flexible design, I.M. Buddy Face can stand upright on any flat surface and rigid bumps on the bottom work as acupressure tool for any part of your face.

02 [Banila Co.] Clean it ZERO cleansing balm original

1. All-in-one Cleansing & First step skincare
- Simplify both your cleansing and skin care routine with Banila co's signature sherbet cleansing blam.
- Not only you do not have to double cleanse your face, but also first step skin care with the benefits of exfoliation, tightening pores and softening skin.

2. Draw out impurities from the pores perfectly.
- Papaya extract melts into skin mildly and remove heavy makeup an impurities without irritation to keep pores clean.

3. Clean it Zero comes in 4 different types.
- For the ones with normal or combination skin, and heavy makeup lovers, original is a must to try. In addition, its acerola extract know for high amount of Vitamin C leaves skin healthy and vibrant.
Suggested Use
01 [double dare] I.M.BUDDY Face #Pastel Pink

Pour Honey Milk Drop Face Wash or Oil to Jet Foam cleanser directly onto applicator. Massage on the wet face using circular motions to let soft bristles cleanse effectively. Rinse with water.
When ready to wash off Age Freeze Gel or Veil mask, wet face with water and gently start to massage the whole face in circular motion to effective wash away the gel mask. Continue until all residues are completely washed away.

02 [Banila Co.] Clean it ZERO cleansing balm original

1. Use the spatula to take an adequate amount on dried palm.
2. Massage gently in circular motion.
3. Rinse it well with lukewarm water or use tissue to wipe off the balm.


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