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Star5 qty Life saver

I was having an allergic reaction from using another product. This product didn't diminishes the spots completely but my skin does look more calmed and less red in the morning. Will repurchase!!

Đăng lên 17-11-12 Khuyên Dùng
Star4 qty Good

Good product, fast absorption

Đăng lên 17-11-04 Khuyên Dùng
Star5 qty amazing

favourite!! hydrates, slightly on the thicker side but not too much

Đăng lên 17-10-08 Khuyên Dùng
Star5 qty Radiance look!!
ivy… It looks sticky, but it's not!! Very easy to apply on your face and create a radiance look afterwards. Love it!!
Đăng lên 17-09-18 Khuyên Dùng
Star5 qty Will repurchase

One of my holy grails for healing the skin! 

Đăng lên 17-08-23 Khuyên Dùng