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Star4 qty Neogen
oob… Light foamy cleanser with real cranberries at the bottom of the bottle.
Đăng lên 16-08-29 Khuyên Dùng
Star3 qty not drying

I have dry skin, and most foam cleanser do dry out my skin. This one doesn't.

However, in term of cleansing, I don't think it's more effective than other foam cleanser.

Đăng lên 16-08-12 Khuyên Dùng
Star4 qty Great.

It is such a gentle smelling cleanser that leaves the skin feeling refreshed. 

Đăng lên 16-08-01 Khuyên Dùng
Star5 qty Amazing~
meg… This foam cleanser is so soft and lovely~ It has a light smell, and pumps out nicely. I use this at night after an oil cleanser and in the morning alone! I WILL BE REPURCHASING THIS!!!
Đăng lên 16-07-06 Khuyên Dùng
Star3 qty Good

Good cleanser and dose it's job. I like it because it has the real fruit in it.

Đăng lên 16-06-22 Khuyên Dùng