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Star5 qty awesome

Soooo soooo hydrating

Đăng lên 17-12-03 Khuyên Dùng
Star4 qty Good
lsw… Its good
Đăng lên 17-11-11 Khuyên Dùng
Star4 qty Good

Good Product for skin. But didn't feel any woderous effect.

Đăng lên 17-11-09 Khuyên Dùng
Star4 qty It's ok
eye… It's okay nothing special
Đăng lên 17-10-07 Khuyên Dùng
Star5 qty Pureness 100 Mask Sheet #Hyaluronic
mer… This mask is really hydrating. My skin drinks the essence of the mask up. My skin is noticeably softer and plumper after using it.
Đăng lên 17-07-08 Khuyên Dùng