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Star5 qty good for any skin type

although it's marketed more for normal to oilier skin types, it's still good for dry skin too! would recommend

Đăng lên 18-06-06 Khuyên Dùng
Star5 qty 5/5
Kel… A must for the winter! Thick consistency keeps moisture locked in
Đăng lên 18-06-05 Khuyên Dùng
Star5 qty Good moisturizer
kar… Age: 36 years old Skin type: sensitive, rosacea For my combination skin this works well specially when I do not need too much moisture, I can say that is in the middle between the blue calming cream and the soothing cream of Klairs.
Đăng lên 18-05-24 Khuyên Dùng
Star5 qty Loyal fan
pri… Since the day I found out about Pyunkang Yul, I’ve never reached out to any other brands. It just shows how good is PKY’s products.
Đăng lên 18-05-05 Khuyên Dùng
Star3 qty Good moisturiser
gra… This product is very hydrating and is not too sticky either.
Đăng lên 18-05-21 Khuyên Dùng