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Star3 qty Lightweight & Moisturized Enough for Oily Skin

I have an oily skin which is also acne-prone. I love how lightweight this essence for my skin, plus I love that it has peppermint. I like the cold feeling of the essence on my skin which I think helps control the oil and acne. The only thing I don't like is the price.



Đăng lên 17-08-22 Khuyên Dùng
Star4 qty okay but pricy

I think that if you have oily skin type or are looking for a light oil then this would be great for you. Personally I like the Oil Essence Essence-Like Oil from Huxley more. I wouldn't mind this one so much except that it is a bit pricier so I was expecting a bit more fromit

Đăng lên 17-07-09 Khuyên Dùng
Star5 qty great feel

feels super luxurious and lightweight! hydrating but a bit expensive imo

Đăng lên 17-06-06 Khuyên Dùng